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You’ve probably seen a guy in the coffee shop staring intently down at his smartphone. Well, there’s a good chance it could be one of our guys. The advent of the smartphone and full browser viewing in the palm of your hands has given Endertechies a new lease on life. Some are seeing daylight for the first time since 2007.

Joking aside, the advancement of mobile technology has brought a unique change to the way people do everything. Whatever your website is doing, it stands to benefit from a mobile strategy that gives your customers an experience they will love and adore while on the go.

Is it really that essential? Yes, it is no matter your line of business. Going forward, customers will expect their vendors to provide a mobile experience. Having a well thought out mobile strategy catering to your customer’s needs tells them that your business is thoughtful and cares about them. That results in loyalty to a business through the good times and the bad. And that is absolutely essential to your business.

Fortunately for you, we at Endertech are indeed obsessed with mobile technology. We pick apart the details and even have heated arguments about what’s awesome and what’s not in mobile development. Let us put our expertise and obsession to work for you. We will help you put together a mobile site that will leave your customers smiling.

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  • Metiri Group

    EnderTech was sought out by educational consultant the Metiri Group for assistance with a major project for the Michigan Department of Education (“MDE”). Along with 44 other states, Michigan is moving towards adoption of the “Common Core” standards. This also involves a move to online standardized testing. It will be a paradigm shift significantly impacting nearly 5,000 Michigan schools.

  • NutriLiving

    Capital Brands, makers of the NutriBullet Juice Extraction System wanted to launch a new marketing initiative, “NutriLiving”. The plan was for a web based customer outreach program both supporting and promoting NutriBullet. Capital Brands goals for the NutriLiving website were to make it an added value to NutriBullet owners, provide them a healthy lifestyle social site as well as exclusive shopping opportunities for NutriBullet products. NutriLiving's complete site content would be visible only to NutriBullet owners. Some of the site content would also be visible to any visitor to give them a preview of NutriLiving's benefits.

  • Golden Tote

    Like many small businesses, Golden Tote's origins weren’t initially online. Co-founders Sarah Becker & Sarah Sweeney (the “Sarahs”) would put together discounted grab bags highlighting their own clothing line as well as other designers’ offerings. They put them in an attractive tote bag so that customers could discover the selections made just for them. The result was enthusiastic, loyal customers.

  • Bakon

    Bakon USA Food Equipment is the Torrance, California branch office servicing the North American customers of its Netherlands based parent. Bakon manufactures equipment and applications for the food industry, especially the bakery, pastry and chocolate world. It focuses on the cutting edge technology whether its for icing donuts or lightly powdering chocolate truffles.

Plan & Process
Are Half the Battle

You wouldn't start building a house without a blueprint created by a seasoned architect - nor should you build technology without a solid plan and process to achieve your goals.

Rapid design and development cycles are important in order to maximize productivity and creativity. Our design & development cycles promote accountability, momentum, and team communication among many other positive traits. Meeting regularly and often to review live prototypes and plan new work enables the agile pivots that are necessary for success when change, new ideas, and high creativity is the norm.

Follow the diagram below to understand how our cycles loop.

Tech Solutions Aren't

Your goals, your needs, are unique - just like you - and through our process we tailor the solution to directly address those needs and goals.

Don’t Take Our Word for It...
Our Clients Love Us!

  • "Thanks so much. Nice to have you on our team! I am amazed how fast you accomplish these things."

    - Cheryl Lemke, President & CEO, The Metiri Group

  • "Awesome. Thank you guys so much for all of your help and patience, I know it's been a lot we've been sending over rapid fire these last few days as we were under the gun from the Oscars. You guys rock."

    - Jeff Shelton, Product Manager, The Studio System

  • "Hi Gabe, first, a note to say how we continue to be so grateful to be working with you & Endertech Team- you have pulled together a truly wonderful group. Thank you for your thoughtfulness, I plan to open that very special bottle of wine this weekend. Enjoy your holiday weekend with the fam. Warmest wishes, Jill"

    - Jill E. Will, Co-Founder, eIDtag.com

  • “It's really fun to see that even over a weekend we're getting requests for quotes from the site. Our business is essentially open during the weekend even though we're not there. And when we receive requests from all over the world, it makes us feel that there's a borderlessness to our online presence.”

    - Luc Imberechts, President, Bakon USA

  • "Thanks for everything! You've been absolutely amazing to work with and I look forward to building the site out more."

    - Nancy Soni, CEO, Fildit.com

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