Working in the Cloud

Administrators Expert in Managing Your Cloud

Setting up your web applications in a cloud environment isn't the easiest thing to do. You need to configure your cloud servers and install your application(s), followed by monitoring and tuning them. The underlying infrastructure of the cloud provides greater protection against data loss and downtime than your dedicated server. To get started and then continue running smoothly in the cloud, you also need expertly managed cloud hosting.

EnderTech is a Los Angeles Web Developer that can consult on and implement a wide range of cloud services including email, file storage, database, video encoding and more.

Why Should You Use EnderTech?

You will benefit from EnderTech's relationship with the two leading cloud hosting organizations, RackSpace Cloud and Amazon AWS. As our partners they provide managed cloud hosting services to our clients by handling the hardware, network connectivity, power, cooling, and physical security. EnderTech handles the operating system and everything stacked on top of that for you (e.g., web server, database server, application server, the application(s) and all of your data). You can count on rock solid performance and reliability.

You will also benefit from the efficient, cost-effective service and quality production that result from EnderTech's professional processes. From beginning to completion of a project you can count on communication, the setting of objective expectations, and our meeting if not exceeding your expectations.

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